The Spirit Of Sauza

There would be no Casa Sauza® if not for the three Sauza Dons. Since 1873, each played an instrumental role in the production of the world’s finest tequilas. Today, their spirits live on in each bottle that comes out of Casa Sauza®

Agave plantation working man Sauza
Don Cenobio Three Dons Sauza
Don Eladio Three Dons Sauza
Don Francisco Three Dons Sauza


A true pioneer and known as one of the Fathers of Tequila, Don Cenobio founded La Perseverancia in 1873, the distillery that still produces Sauza Tequila to this day, over 150 years later.

A tenacious leader, Don Eladio, the son of Don Cenobio, helped lead the process of making tequila the official spirit of Mexico

The grandson of Don Cenobio and son of Don Eladio, Don Francisco Javier Sauza carried on his family's legacy in the tequila industry. Like his ancestors before him, Francisco Javier made a large impact on the world of tequila - to ensure that tequila could only be made in Mexico, he successfully petitioned the government to create a Denomination of Origin.

Agave plantation Sauza 900
Pulpe Tequila Sauza 1500
Antigua Cruz Perseverancia Sauza 1873
Don Eladio Three Dons Sauza 1903
Flag Mexico Tequila Sauza 1910 1920
Microphone Guadalajara Tequila Sauza 1930
Insuperable Tequila Sauza
Don Francisco Three Dons Sauza 1974
Women working Tequila Sauza 1978
Agave Tequila Sauza 1997
Tequila Barriles Sauza 2000
Tequila Sauza Glass 2005
La Perseverancia Barriles

The Aztecs discover pulque, a sacred liquor made from the maguey plant.

The Spanish first distill pulque to produce mezcal.

Don Cenobio Sauza acquires “La Antigua Cruz” distillery and renames it “La Perseverancia.”

A determined twenty-year-old Don Eladio takes over the family enterprise, successfully applying business skills learned from his father Don Cenobio.

Don Eladio steers the company through the turmoil of the Mexican Revolution by setting a patriotic tone that calls attention to tequila’s status as a symbol of national pride for the Mexican people

Don Eladio establishes Guadalajara’s first commercial radio station and opens Club Colonial, the city’s first nightclub, to showcase Mexico’s talents and reclaim its cultural heritage

Don Eladio becomes the first global ambassador for the tequila industry, he introduces the world to Casa Sauza® and its tequilas.

Like his father and grandfather before him, Don Francisco Javier has a large impact on the tequila industry. After discovering imitations sold under the name "tequila" in foreign countries, he successfully petitions the Mexican government to create a Denomination of Origin, ensuring that tequila can only be made in Mexico.

Casa Sauza® sells a record-breaking 3 million cases of tequila in one year.

To ensure product quality, an official Mexican standard (NOM) is created, requiring tequila to be made with at least 51% Agave Tequilana Weber, blue variety, grown in the state of Jalisco or Nayarit.

Tequila consumption in the United States approaches 14 million gallons.

Casa Sauza® places 15th among the world’s 100 best-selling spirits.

Casa Sauza celebrates its 150th anniversary

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