Cocktail Recipes

Discover a tantalising array of cocktail recipes crafted with Sauza tequila, offering a delightful fusion of flavours to enrich your drinking experience.

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Sauza® Bloody Maria

Introducing the Sauza Bloody Maria cocktail, a tantalising blend of 3 parts Sauza® Hacienda Gold Tequila, 6 parts tomato juice, a splash of lime juice, and dashes of celery salt, black pepper, Tabasco® Brand Pepper Sauce, and horseradish sauce. This vibrant concoction is a spicy twist on the classic Bloody Mary, perfect for those who enjoy a kick in their cocktail.

Bloody Maria Cocktail Sauza

Sauza® Tequila Sunrise

This delightful concoction embodies the essence of a sunrise with its vivid layers of flavour. Sip and savour the refreshing combination of citrus and cranberry, perfectly balanced with the smoothness of tequila. Cheers to starting your day or evening with a burst of sunshine in a glass!


Sauza® Bandera

Introducing Sauza Bandera, a vibrant cocktail featuring equal parts of Sauza® Hacienda Gold Tequila, lime juice, and sangrita mix. Served in separate shot glasses, this traditional Mexican drink allows you to sip from each glass, savouring the unique flavours of tequila, lime, and sangrita in perfect harmony. Cheers to a taste of Mexico's rich culinary heritage!

Bandera tequila cocktail Sauza

Sauza® Paloma

Indulge in the refreshing allure of the SAUZA® PALOMA cocktail, a delightful blend that perfectly balances tangy citrus with the crisp bite of tequila. Served over ice, this cocktail is the epitome of laid-back sophistication, ideal for leisurely sipping on warm summer evenings or any occasion that calls for a refreshing libation.

Paloma tequila cocktail Sauza

Sauza® Sparkling Sunrise

Sauza Sparkling Sunrise combines the vibrancy of Sauza® Hacienda Silver Tequila with fresh orange juice and a splash of sparkling water. Garnished with a vibrant orange slice, this effervescent cocktail captures the essence of a sunrise in every bubbly sip—crisp, citrusy, and invigorating. Enjoy the refreshing brilliance of Sauza Sparkling Sunrise as it brightens your moment.

Sparkling Sunrise Cocktail Sauza

Sauza® PIÑA Punch

Sauza Piña Punch: A tropical symphony blending Sauza® Hacienda Silver Tequila with pineapple juice, a splash of citrus, and a hint of grenadine. This vibrant concoction, garnished with a pineapple wedge, delivers a burst of fruity flavors with the signature kick of tequila. Refreshing and delightful, Sauza Piña Punch is a celebration of summer in every sip.

Pina Punch Cocktail Sauza

Sauza® Melon Madness

Sauza Melon Madness is a tantalizing mix of Sauza® Hacienda Silver Tequila, honeydew melon puree, and agave nectar. Garnished with fresh honeydew, this cocktail is a delightful burst of tequila vibrancy and refreshing melon sweetness. Sip into the madness and enjoy the fruity allure

Melon Madness Cocktail Sauza

Sauza® Berry Limonada

Sauza Berry Limonada combines the zesty notes of Sauza® Hacienda Silver Tequila with the crispness of lemonade, enhanced by the juicy allure of raspberries and a touch of fresh mint. This delightful cocktail offers a harmonious blend of tequila vibrancy and refreshing fruitiness in every sip.

Berry Limonada Cocktail Sauza

Sauza® Tequila Smash

This invigorating blend combines the boldness of tequila with the refreshing essence of mint and lime, all balanced by the subtle sweetness of the syrup. Sip and savour the vibrant flavours of this delightful concoction, perfect for uplifting any occasion. Cheers to a taste of pure indulgence!

Tequila Cocktail Smash Sauza