Cocktail Recipes

Discover a tantalising array of cocktail recipes crafted with Sauza tequila, offering a delightful fusion of flavours to enrich your drinking experience.

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Sauza® Cherry Sage Smash

Sauza Cherry Sage Smash: A vibrant mix of Sauza® Hacienda Silver Tequila, cherry essence, and aromatic sage. This refreshing smash is a lively burst of flavors, marrying tequila's zest with the sweet allure of cherries and a hint of herbal sophistication from fresh sage. Sip and enjoy the dynamic fusion in every invigorating sip.

Cherry sage sauza

Sauza® Blackberry Patio Crusher

Indulge in the Sauza Blackberry Patio Crusher, where the lively notes of Sauza® Hacienda Silver Tequila meet the juicy allure of ripe blackberries. This refreshing crusher is crafted for patio perfection, offering a delightful blend that harmonizes tequila's vibrancy with the sweet essence of blackberries. Sip, relax, and relish the vibrant flavors.

Blackberry patio crusher sauza

Sauza® Sunset

Sauza Sunset, a captivating blend of Sauza® Hacienda Silver Tequila, tropical fruit juices, and a touch of grenadine. This vibrant cocktail, garnished with a citrus wheel, captures the essence of a stunning sunset in every sip. Enjoy the refreshing allure of Sauza Sunset as you unwind. Cheers to the moment!

Sauza Sunset

Sauza® Lini

Savor the nuanced elegance of Sauza Lini, where Sauza® Hacienda Silver Tequila intertwines with a delicate blend of ingredients. This libation offers a refined and sophisticated experience, inviting you to discover its unique character sip by sip.

Sauza lini

Sauza® Cantarito

Immerse yourself in the vibrant charm of the classic Cantarito cocktail with Sauza® Cantarito. A lively mix of Sauza® Hacienda Silver Tequila, citrus juices, and a hint of grapefruit soda, served in an earthenware jar. This refreshing concoction captures the essence of Mexican fiestas in every sip. Raise your Cantarito and toast to the spirited flavors of Sauza!

Cantarito sauza

Sauza® Sangria

Elevate your gatherings with Sauza Sangria, a refreshing blend featuring Sauza® Hacienda Silver Tequila. Brimming with vibrant fruits and a splash of citrus, this spirited medley invites you to sip, savor, and celebrate the essence of shared moments. Cheers to the joy of Sauza Sangria!

Sangria pitcher Sauza

Sauza® Poinsettia Punch

Sip into the holiday spirit with Sauza Poinsettia Punch. This festive infusion features Sauza® Hacienda Silver Tequila, cranberry juice, orange liqueur, and a splash of sparkling water. Garnished with cranberries and orange slices, this effervescent punch captures the joy of the season in every bubbly sip. Cheers to a delightful celebration with Sauza Poinsettia Punch!

Poinsettia punch sauza

Sauza® Jalisco Tea

Immerse yourself in the laid-back charm of Sauza Jalisco Tea—a refreshing blend that marries the timeless allure of tea with Sauza® Hacienda Gold Tequila. Served over ice, this libation creates a harmonious dance between the vibrant character of tequila and the soothing notes of tea. Sip and savor the leisurely moments with Sauza Jalisco Tea.

Jalisco Tea Sauza

Sauza® Fruit Cup

Sauza Fruit Cup: A lively blend featuring Sauza® Hacienda Gold Tequila, harmoniously mixed with a medley of seasonal fruits. Served over ice, this vibrant cup delivers a refreshing and crisp experience, celebrating the rich essence of gold tequila and the succulent flavors of mixed fruits. Raise your Sauza Fruit Cup and toast to the vibrant and golden flavors of the season!

Fruit cup sauza